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Model No. A1367 / 8, 16, 32, or 64 GB capacity

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Wi-Fi network problems after screen replacement

I recently replaced my broken screen, and subsequently the power and sound button ribbon cable after breaking it. After piecing everything back together I am seeing some very strange responsiveness from my iPod. At first i thought i had broken or disconnected the wi-fi antenna but then i noticed for some reason that it still shows my ad-hoc network i created at my house, however it does not show my normal wi-fi netowrk. No other networks are shown anywhere, except for a weak signal in some areas at my school, and I've tried the "other..." option to no avail. I've also reset my network settings. Wi-fi works fine connected to the ad-hoc but i'm not sure what to do from this point, any help?

on a side note, i accidentally ripped the copper grounding on top of the rear facing camera and disconnected it from the body, will it be a big issue as long as the piece is still there or should i do something about it?

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re: side note:

I'm assuming you ripped off the copper strip from the mid-plate that connects to the rear facing camera. Yes, I would replace that, and don't forget to put the little silver cap back on top.

If you ripped some cables ^, it might be worth while to pull that wifi cable out and go over it with say (what I use) a 30x jewelers loupe. Even a small tear in the cable can be missed with the naked eye and can make all the difference in the world.

If everything pans out there try "Forgetting" the networks that you have previously joined, in your Wifi connections, and then re-connect to them.

There could also be just a coincidence, where someone could have a microwave next door, your router is on channel 6, and its getting interference.

Also make sure your device has the latest IOS updates.

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