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Hybrid laptop/tablet manufactured by Microsoft. An upgrade of the first generation Surface Book with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 965M 2GB GPU and 16 hours 30% more battery life, released in October 2016. Model number 1705.

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Need help Identifying surface book model (unable to turn on)

I have a client's Surface Book (he says its a SB2) in my possession. I am replacing the screen.

SN I used on bottom of tablet is 008835472357
SN on bottom of keyboard is 027363772854

On the hinge where the keyboard is located, it says Model: 1785

When I run the SN for the tablet, it comes back as:
Surface Book - 512GB i7 16GB with Performance Base

The screen that came off the system is listed as PN:

I ordered another screen, and it's part number is:

I cannot find any information on the difference in the screens (if any), and I can't confirm it's a Surface Book 2. The iFixit screen they have for the Surface Book 1 and 2 for the 13.5" model is (at least in pictures) X905082-011, and all the Surface Book 2 models are 18XX, and the Surface Book models are all 17XX (including the 1785)

Can anyone assist here?

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Continued googling...

The Surface Book has a Mini-Display port

The Surface Book 2 has a USB-C port

Microsoft should NOT make identifying this stuff so difficult.

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I agree with you because as for me it is very strange and not particularly logically done. I had my research project burned because of the same thing during my studies and had to hand it in through because everything was left on my laptop. Even the repairman himself directly said that it was very difficult for him to find components.


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