Phone completely unresponsive after freezing

Last night when using my phone, it started freezing up intermittently out of nowhere. I started getting notifications about background services crashing (ie system up), which I figured were being restarted in the background and would fix my issues. Nope. It kept getting worse and worse to the point where at one point when I was putting my pin in on the Lock Screen, the screen timed out, and I couldn’t get it back on. I tried holding the power button, power + volume down, recovery mode, tried booting into download mode, tried plugging it in to power, nothing. the phone shows zero sign of life besides the fact that it is pulling current when plugged in to a charger.

Is it worth trying to take the back off the phone to disconnect and reconnect the battery? That’s the only thing I can think of at this point

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TheBlinkstyKrab that would be a good start. Let us know what happens when you do so. Also, how many amps is it pulling on the charger?


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