Not getting any spark

I am not getting any spark from the ignition coil, checked both kill switches and seem to be fine. Even purchased a new ignition coil thinking that would be the solution and it was not could use advice on what may be the true issue

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Magneto ignition systems use a magnet on the flywheel to generate a magnetic field as it passes the stator windings. When the flywheel passes the stator, the magnetic field collapses and generates a voltage, sent to the solid state ignition control unit. The ICU sends step up voltage to the ignition coil to generate the high voltage spark. You'll have to review service manuals for parts; Husqvarna Saw, Cement FS400 (2017) and Honda 4-Stroke Engine GX390UT2.


Don’t know how you checked the switches but check them to ground in both on and off positions. If it goes to ground in the on position then that’s your problem. Check the spark plug, cap, also the lead for damage or even try new in case the lead has broken down inside. If not something is shorting to ground. Check the gap between the flywheel magnet and the coil.


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