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Model A1001 or A1025 / 667, 800, 867, or 1.0 GHz G4 processor

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Is the display data cable broken?

Dear iFixit community,

I have a PowerBook G4 Titanium DVI A1025 867 15''.

The screen, depending on what angle I have the laptop opened will either show a pinkish screen over the background of the desktop or it will black out. Once in the right position I can work with it just fine. However the slightest change in angle and it will become very unstable. When I connect it to an external screen it works flawless.

So this is my conclusion. The display data cable must be broken as the display is fine and the gpu output is fine too.

Am I right with this assumption?

I just bought this cable here from iFixIt:

G4 Titanium Display Data Cable

and hope that this is the right one.

Given the cable is the cause of error would it be advised to use this guide here:

Installing PowerBook G4 Titanium DVI Display

to replace the data cable or would it be better to go to a local repair store with the new cable and let a professional do it? I have little experience with fixing laptops, I am better with the software part.

Is there a high chance I ruin the working screen and or cable doing this a first time round?

Thanks for all your input and help, it is really appreciated.


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huuuuummm, are you sure you're loosing video when moving the lid ? Often, pink background color and black screen moving the display are symptoms of a dying backlight bulb and bad inverter cable.

When the screen becomes black just pass a flashlight over the top cover Apple icon and carefully check if you still see a faint image of the desktop onscreen.

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+ I agree with the color change as a usual backlight failure. You might want to wait till it fails and use an external monitor in the mean time.


Thank you for your helpful reply, I will run this test with a chessboard as desktop background for example. If the bulb happens to be the cause of error once the screen is blank I should still be able to see the chessboard with the flashlight.

In my case given I am expecting the data cable to be broken I will hope to see nothing once the screen goes blank, meaning the bulb is intact? If really the bulb is starting to fail I can look at getting a new screen, am I correct?


If you still see the desktop then the problem would be the inverter cable (the cable who carries the power to the backlight bulb). This cable may be damaged in the hinge where it goes thru to connect to the LCD panel. Anyway if the problem is the video cable or the inverter cable my advice would be to buy a complete working display off ebay an replace the whole display. Opening the Titanium display is a nightmare since the panel plates are glued, hard to take apart and reassemble. Check on ebay for a full panel assy.


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These guides are very good and if you have any mechanical skill at all you can do this. Just make sure you have the tools required at the beginning of the guide. Find a quite spot to work without distractions. Have good light. Try to do it all at one sitting. Touch the center screw of a wall electrical receptacle to ground yourself out to avoid ESD. If you have a digital camera, taking pictures as you go can help with reassembly. Keep organized, some people use masking tape and put the screws in order as they go. Have fun and enjoy learning a new skill and the confidence that comes with fixing something and of course the money saved. Remember we are here to help you and have many many years of experience and do this solely to help others. Most of us that answer questions are volunteers and do not work for iFixit ;-)

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Hello mayer and thanks for your reply. Mechanical skill is surly there I am just wondering if this is a really fine mechanics job with lots of extra careful and tricky situations or if this could be regarded as a standard repair also from the experience level. Taking about the community I have seen a report on TV about iFixIt and hence joined here and also bought the cable here to support the community. I am well aware of the good going on in here for sure thank you for reassuring me of the communities help. Last not least reading through my initial question again it seems your reply does not cover my question topic(s), do you think from my analysis given the data cable is actually broken or could there be another source for the error? If this is the case is the above linked guide the right one actually? This is what I am trying to find out at this point. Again thank you for your help and taking the time to reply. Regards


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