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Repair documentation for the Sony PlayStation 5 DualSense controller. Model number: CFI-ZCT1W FCC ID: AK8CFIZCT1

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Faulty Headphone jack, only sound on right ear


unfortunately my headphone jack is not working properly anymore. I wanted to stand up and go away but my leg was tangled in the cable of my headset and I didn’t notice. So the Controller flew away and hit the nearby table in a way that almost broke off the headset plugged into the headphone jack. This ended up destroying my headset and the headphone jack. Now I can only hear sound on the right side when I plug a new headset in. The only way I can hear sound left and right is when I push the headphone connector in a certain direction when it’s in the headphone jack. How could I probably fix this? Is there a way to bend the pins back inside the headphone jack?

Thank you in advance


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You will need to ether replace the headphone jack on your controller of resolder a pin if one is loose

As I have said this is a soldering job so u would only recommend doing this if you have experience soldering very small things

You could replace the main board of the controller as well but that costs a lot for what your fixing

Here’s a link to the part you will need

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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thank you for your answer and the link. Unfortunately I do not have any experience with soldering in general. I have inspected the headphone jack and it looks like it is very difficult to desolder and replace. To me it looks like you can’t even reach all joints with a soldering iron.

But I think I might try to replace it at some point in the future once I’ve gathered some experience with microsoldering.

Anyways, thank you again for helping me out!


@Nik Name

No problem!

Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with:-)


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