Phone keeps vibrating repeatedly when plugged in. (LG G5)

I recently purchased a phone lot off of eBay just for fun, and I wanted to test it for myself. When I plug it in (with a USB-C cable), it repeatedly vibrates. The vibration patterns change whenever I unplug it and plug it back in for some reason. Is there any explanation for this behavior?

Clarification Edit: When I plug in the phone, the LCD’s backlight should light up displaying the charging symbol, but it doesn’t appear to do that. Instead, the phone vibrates at random intervals. However, when I hold down the power button, the vibrating stops.

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Maybe a bad connection so it thinks it's being plugged in over and over again?


Although that’s possible, I made sure to clean the charging port before plugging it in.


Does it go in all the way flush? And if so have you tried resetting the software?


It does go in all the way flush, and I have tried resetting the software, but to no avail.


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