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Released October 26, 2018. Models A1984, A2105, A2106, A2108. Available as GSM or CDMA / eSIM, nano-SIM or dual-SIM / 64, 128, or 256 GB / Black, White, Blue, Yellow, Coral, or Red. (Pronounced "iPhone 10 R.")

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Buggy And Laggy iPhone

So I recently repaired the motherboard on my iPhone XR at a store close to where I live, when I got it back however it started acting somewhat strange. A couple of examples are apps not working or being frozen the first few seconds when I start them. A couple of examples are the camera app, Instagram, TikTok, and Spotify. The volume buttons are sometimes also a bit slow only turning up/down the sound 2 or maybe 3 seconds after pressing. I updated my iPhone to the latest release, but could it be something else?

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What kind of repairs were performed to the logic board?


@thequacker Well, the problem was that the Phone didn´t charge, so he fixed something on the board which took care of this action. Not sure exactly what was done though.


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This symptom could be due to a faulty battery or the battery FPC connector. If the battery has been disconnected and reconnected numerous times the pins could be pushed into the plastic making for a poor contact. The symptoms you are describing is that the phone has trouble getting the extra power when needed. This can also happen if the wrong value inductors have been used when repairing the charging circuit on the XR.

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hello Felix,

this is a classic problem with accessories after being flooded or repaired in exceeded temperature limits. Finding the reason is not difficult but time consuming and I wouldn't wish anyone to struggle with it. These are the only reasons this behavior occurs: liquid damage or error by the repair technician.

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@tojaert ok thank you, but is there anything that I myself can do without opening the phone, or is that the only way?


unfortunately Chris is wrong as above. You won't be able to do it without opening or a good repair shop (if you don't have the ability to do it yourself, which, at least for an inexperienced person, will not be easy).


@tojaert I didn’t say the op would be able to fix it without opening the phone.


@Chris Stables - no, I mean the battery and coils you mention. I respect your knowledge and achievements, it's great, but in this case you are wrong.


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