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The DualShock 4 CUH-ZCT2 was announced in 2016 to replace the CUH-ZCT1 controller released in 2013. This controller is similar to the previous model.

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Help figuring out why controller reading is all over the place

Hey people sorry for asking so frequently about ds4. But after my last question about stick replacement i finally replaced my analog stick, but i found out after i reassemble the controller together that its not working right.

Block Image

(the replaced stick is stuck to the left, the R2 & L2 is pressing on its own *not physically).

After that i dissasemble it again and check the potentiometer with a multimeter and its all in a normal range(i don't really know what the numbers meant but it's the same as the original one). Any ideas what causing them?

I have a theory because i also found out that the 12-pin ribbon cable (from the back casing to the board) is messed up

Block Image

is that the source?

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Since my last comment i've checked whether the 12 pin ribbon cable is the cause, and its not. Turns out you can just connect the controller just fine without it. Then i went and cleaned the board and the flexible pcb in case it was because of bad contact between the circuit, but no still nothing.

I think i may have damage the board

here is a picture:

So i still need help. I still want to get educated


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Sorry but as said before the ribbon could be the cause. Also, no offence but those solder joints are really bad. It actually looks like some aren't connecting the the board which could also be your issue. Did you use flux? If so do them again and go slowly. If not buy some flux and them do them again.

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Thankyou for replying. I did say i tried turning on without the 12-pin ribbon cable and it connects fine, perhaps are there a different ribbon cable that causing this? And i will gladly accept the criticism about the solder haha it is bad and i did redo it too. I desolder it and took it out then solder it back again, but would you mind pointing out which one of the solder joint that looks like it isn't connecting so i could take a look at it, and yes i used paste flux


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The ribbon cable is probably the problem. You will have to replace it. Try connecting the controller to a computer running a program that recognizes controller inputs after you replace the ribbon. You will have to either solder the old one or replace it with a new one and you may have to solder that.

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Check out the YouTube named mattkc. Hes done ps3 controllers before and they are very similar to ps4.


Thankyou for the replies. I had my suspicion with the ribbon cable too so i want to make sure it was the problem or it has anything to do at all with the problem(because i think its just a usb board for charging/wired connection). So i will get back to you once i replaced the ribbon cable


@corbanizer do you reccomend a specific video?


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