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Repair guides and disassembly information for Apple's 8th generation iPad. Released September 18, 2020. Model numbers: A2270, A2428, A2429, and A2430.

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does any one know how to replace touch id on this?

touch id replacement

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Hi Kabir,

If your Touch ID function isn't working, you'll have to have it repaired by Apple, as they are the only ones who can replace it. The home button is paired to the logic board using a proprietary encryption algorithm that cannot be duplicated by aftermarket manufacturers, so while the home button can be replaced and will work as a home button, the Touch ID function built into it will not work.

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Adding to what was already said. It depends on what caused Touch ID to stop working in the first place. The only way to replace the home button and keep Touch ID intact is to have the iPad serviced by Apple. In the case of iPads, Apple does not repair the devices as a part of service. They replace them at “out of warranty replacement” cost. Which essentially means swapping out the non functional unit for functional refurbished one (which would contain new battery and any of the externally visible parts).

Touch ID itself may be able to be repaired depending on your level of skill as a technician and the specific fault. If there is a tear in the cable, you can repair he cable by splicing the severed connections together with soldered on jumper wires. But the cable is small and fiddly and it’s difficult to make a repair that will hold up over time.

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