Can I use a Xbox Elite Series 1 (Model 1698) back plate shell on 1708?

The backplate (the actual plastic shell that makes up the bottom half of the controller, not the battery plate) to my Xbox 1708 controller is broken and needs replaced. The faceplate, battery cover, grip covers, and actual controller hardware are all completely fine, its just the rear plate/bottom shell that is broken.

I can't seem to find a reliable place to order a new backplate that also has the textured grips that mine came with, as I ordered it custom via Xbox Design Lab circa 2019, so it seems to be relatively unique for a 1708 as most of them do not have the textured rubber grip across the back.

However, I do know the Xbox Elite Series 1 controller (model 1698), does have the textured grips on the back, and the backplate for the Series 1 seems available far more readily than the 1708. Does anyone know if these are interchangeable? To the eye, they seem wildly similar, but obviously if they're even just a few millimeters different, that puts a kabosh on this idea. End of the day, I'd just really like to repair and keep my 1708 controller as opposed to ordering a new one, as I can no longer order the design it came in.

Thanks in advance!

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