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Why my Pokemon black 2 game can't access save file?

Every time I boot the game I get a message saying "The save data could not be accessed." I tried cleaning the gold pins with Novita alcohol but nothing worked. I also made sure that my system slot was clean. Please help

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can you still play the game normally? if yes its possibly your save file could be corrupted


Yes, I could play the game normally but I deleted my old save file and start a new one. Sadly it still shows that message


did you take the game out or power it off while it was saving?


To be honest with you I'm not sure. I actually bought this from a seller saying that she was having these issues and I bought it in hopes to repair it


There were times I can actually play this game but then later on it would show the same message


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Open up the cartridge and check the board for dry or cracked solder joints. If you find one reflow it.

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I open up the catridge and so far I see nothing. I post the images just in case if you notice something. If you need better quality let me know


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