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A bandeja do meu Xbox 360 não abre e nem fecha, ela está travada

A bandeja do meu Xbox 360 não abre e nem fecha, ele está meio aberto e não consigo fechar. Como poderia resolver?

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I already solved this problem, unfortunately there is a rubber strap that unlocks the tray fixing mechanism when the "open" command is activated. You will need to open your entire Xbox to access this part. it's not hard it's just hard work.

Solution: upon arrival at the site, clean such measures as pulling the tray "open" the system with isopropyl alcohol and if the silicone grease is very resistant, replace it with another one (this grease is usually white and very light, for delicate switches).

Make the movement gently with your hands and without applying too much force. if you notice that it is still working, redo the cleaning and apply more grease only in the places where you saw the grease before. do not put it elsewhere and never find it in the optical drive.

Hope this helps.

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