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Eighth generation of iPad, released September 18, 2020, available in 32 or 128 GB models. Model Number A2270.

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Why is the iPad clicking things when the digitizer is unplugged?

I was trying to replace the screen on this iPad know it’s testing it before I filled it up and it was randomly clicking things so then I unplugged it to swap back to the original screen, and it still clicked things. It’s the same spot that it’s clicking I can get over it by rotating the iPad.

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I don’t see any clicking, totally lost as to what you mean. Did the iPad click the passcode itself to make it unavailable or was it like that before you took the old screen off.


@strongbow it did not do this before and it cancels the power off only when turned in that side


[video|4392] I don’t have any idea why it is doing this since the digitizer is unplugged


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Hi Josh,

I've seen this sort of thing happen when digital signals are allowed to "float" - that is, they're not connected to either a high or a low voltage. What happens is other parts of the circuit leak voltage to where the level is close to the threshold point so any slight variation caused by transistors switching or electromagnetic interference can cause the circuit to think it's been activated on and off.

If indeed it's being caused by an open circuit - which it sounds like it is, since you said it happens even with the digitizer disconnected, that would indicate that the new digitizer is bad; the motherboard is still seeing that signal in an indeterminate state whether it's connected or not. If it stops when you plug in the old digitizer, that would pretty much prove that the new one's no good.

Best of luck with your repair; let us know what you find.

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Yup this worked it’s not cancelling anymore I have ordered a new screen thanks


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