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Part Number: DD11210 The TotalPond pump, which was designed for water gardening enthusiasts, circulates 210 gallons of water per hour, maintaining the ecological balance of small ponds. It is used in water garden less than 3 feet by 6 feet ponds and waterfalls to provide streams of water up to 7.8 feet high.

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How do I get the white spot off acrylic tank

I wiped the tank with acetone rage it got real foggy I tried to use scratch remmover for a car and wet sanded it now there is a big white spot

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Has nothing to do with a pond pump but was closest thing to aquarium


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If your tank is acrylic. acetone is the last cleaner to use. It softens certain plastics. As you found out, it most likely softened plastic while wiping it transferred material onto the clear plastic now discolored. Drying may leave stains, marks and cloudy spots. Once sanded down, the only way to restore clarity would be using vapor deposition of......acetone as it can restore clarity. Search for headlight lens vapor deposition using acetone vapors to restore headlights made of similar plastic. Here's one link;

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