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Can I transfer songs from iPod to Computer?

I deleted iTunes (songs & all) from my computer...bugger! Have installed the program again but i can't work out how to get the songs that are on my iPod back into iTunes...can this be done?

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I had the same problem today when I reset my computer system. I found a program called SharePod that seemed to have helped. And it was free. . U can find it here on the CNET site:


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Use iPod Rip (Mac & PC, free & paid versions) or Senuti (Mac only paid version).

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I met the same situation like you. And I found this useful tutorial about how to transfer music from iPod to computer.

It did help me a lot. Hope you can solve the problem.

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What about using this free iPod to PC transfer?

You can transfer your music to PC freely.

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