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The Spin Master Boxer can be identified by the model number 6044290 and comes in the colors blue and black. The device is sold with 10 game activating cards, an IR remote control, and a USB charging cable.

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Lost cards/app failure

So, I tried to download a copy of the cards from the website, but it doesn't seem to exist. I also couldn't find a copy of the app anywhere. any help finding the website, or an image of the cards would be great. thx.

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I'm in exactly the same situation.


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All cards will be available to print at and available in the BOXER Bot App.

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As of today (December 2022) trying to access the website still gives me "This site can’t be reached" and "’s server IP address could not be found". THANKS if you can re-connect it!


sure the website was taken down do to privacy issues with it take audio recordings of people with micro components i hat to tell u but its a dead product but u can reprogram it Cuz the company completely denied it, but the FBI caught them red handed now all u can find is nockoffs


and that was with extensive research


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(It says I posted this but I couldn't find my answer so here it is)

Use the wayback machine, if they don't have the PDF file copy and paste the link from the card into google.

You can also APK the boxer the bot app online.

Hope this helps :)

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