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The UC4051A Makita Chain Saw is a 16-inch, 14.5 Amp, corded electric chainsaw. It has a chain speed of 2,900 feet per minute and a maximum cut diameter of 16 inches.

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stopped running in use. now will not turn on

Once before this occurred. I disassembled and reassembled and it worked for a year. Just happened again. Suggestions?

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Well guys (and ladies too) I just disassembled the handle end. checked voltage at switch (OK) and disconnected all the wires. Some looked a little crimped in spots from my previous repair!

Anyhow, I disconnected all leads and re-routed the wiring; taking care to pass them through the appropriate slots. When I was all done it ran just fine. Put it back together and make two cuts through a 18 inch log and it never balked. I really, really like this electric chain saw!

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