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The Dirt Devil Gator is a cordless hand vacuum designed by the Dirt Devil. This lightweight, creatively designed vacuum will provide a powerful suction to clean those hard to reach areas! Model number: BD10100

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My dirt devil will not start or charge

I get a blue light otherwise it’s dead. It won’t charge or start. What’s my problem?

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@sparks203, First make sure the charger is working (use a DMM, digital multimeter) and outputting the correct voltage.

The first suspect in cases like this, is always the battery. A bad p / dead battery is the primary cause of no charge and no power. Try opening the Dirt Devil up, to gain access to the battery, and then test the voltage of the battery.

You didn’t specify your model, but here is a link to p25 of the operating manual of a Dirt Devil. It shows which screws to remove to get access to the battery.

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I have used it once. Plugged it in a good outlet to charge. Checked everything Worked for about 10 minutes. then nothing.


carol larocque, If you bought it new, and it won’t take a charge, I’d say take it back under warranty, because you might not want to void the warranty. If you bought it a “long” time ago, and it’s been sitting on the shelf, the battery could have gone dead.


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Plugged it in once after usage. Worked for about 10 -15 minutes. All charged and cleaned. New. Second time using.

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Had my old Dirt Devil for 10 yrs or more. No Problem. Gave it to my daughter. Still works. Used me new one once. Plugged it in, checked everthing. Still not workinng.


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