Washer won’t fill

The washer will run only on “spin”, but will not fill first to start the cycle. What part(s) should I check?

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@pearl2021 what exact model number is your washer? Does it drain when it spins? Is your water supply turned on? Most washers do not fill if they can't drain.


@oldturkey03 I’ll have to check the model number if it’s different than just being the kenmore 400. Nothing has changed w the water supply. No water is filling (3 days ago it did), so there’s nothing to drain when it spins. I was testing the knob for when it would power and work and when it wouldn’t. It will work on spin, and the tub turns. Won’t work on any other setting.


@pearl2021 so absolutely no water coming in. No hot or cold? Can you hear the water inlet valve clicking in the back when you first start your washer? Also, there are little screens in the inlet valves (where the water hoses attach to) check those and see that they are free of obstruction.

If you lift your lid, there might be a Kenmore tag that shows the model number


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