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Lançado em 22 de setembro de 2017. Modelo A1863, A1905. Disponível com GSM ou CDMA / 64 ou 256 GB / Dourado, Prateado e Cinza Espacial.

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What did I do to my screen?

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Just finished a battery replacement and now my screen has a weird thumb-sized polarization effect. Touch still works in the affected area. It is definitely the screen, it‘s not present in a screen cap and is a trip in real life. Actually it’s pretty annoying, but still usable.

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Looks a lot like the diffuser layers are messed up. Did you use anything such as alcohol to remove the display? Sadly there isn't any practical way to fix this except with a new screen.

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After several hours the width has decreased to about 1/4”. I used isopropyl alcohol to clean up the seal residue and did wipe all around the edges. Hoping some time and warmth will clear it up.


It’s all clear now. Note to self: easy on the alcohol!


@toolz72 Glad that it cleared up on its own. Definitely got lucky there. Glad to help.


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