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Huawei Fit is a lightweight fitness tracker and smartwatch, released in November 2016.

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How do I replace the battery on the huawei fit smart (MES-B19) watch.

I have a huawei fit smart (MES-B19) watch. The watch doesn't hold a charge. But it's on when it's in it's charging cradle. As soon as I either disconnect the cable or lift the watch off of it's cradle the watch goes black. Everything works while it's in it's cradle. I have watch repair tools, but can the watch battery be replaced with another battery from another huawei fit smart MES-B19 watch? This watch is in perfect cosmetic shape taking the fully functional battery from one that's not in good cosmetic shape.

Could someone give me step by step guides on how to do this to make sure I don't mess something up. Also do I have to replace the glue and seal on the watch when putting it back together.

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@rhall260 This video isn’t specifically for that exact model, but should take you through the process of opening and fixing the watch. Just use care and caution, and remember to carefully keep track of which screws and parts go where. Putting the wrong screw in the wrong place, is a bad thing.

Yes, you can use a battery from another watch, as long as it’s the same exact model.

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Here is a link take care!

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