Sharp aquos LC 52D85un Popped and died

Turned the TV on , it popped , died. No sound, no power light on

Disconnected, let it discharge, and re plugged it.

No power in the system

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Elliot Shuchat, Start by unplugging the TV and take off the back cover, to get access to the boards. Then, take some good quality pictures (up close) and update your question. Adding images to existing questions.

That way we see what you see, and we can tell you what to check.


Elliot Shuchat like my colleague already said, we need to see what you see. This "No sound, no power light on" is a pretty good indication that your power board is most likely involved.


You can buy replacement boards pretty inexpensive at you can buy single boards or a complete set and unless the leds are bad or you damaged the screen it should fix it. But just like the other two guys said it's probably the power board look for a burn mark on the board but make sure the tv is UNPLUGGED before you take the back off and look inside. If you know how to solder you could possibly fix it for a couple of dollars.


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