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Smart Bluetooth multi-use programmable pressure cooker.

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Instant pot circuit failed as it was plugged in indian voltage

Circuit repair issue for my instant pot

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Sharat Varma, I’m assuming the pot was designed for 110/120V, and plugged into 220V in India? You’re not giving us a whole lot to go on; The more information you provide, the easier we can help. Adding the exact make and model number is key to finding information. How to ask a good question on iFixit.

First you have to open the pot, to get access to the circuitry, then the first thing is to check the fuses (assuming they’re built right). If you’re lucky, only a fuse has blown, and replacing it will fix it.

If it was built without safety in mind (no fuses), you’ll have to check what components have cooked. Take some good quality pictures (up close), and update your question. Adding images to existing questions. That way we can see the boards, and help you I with what to check.

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