Aorus gl553v motherboard dead?

Hello guys, i’ve come to a weird issue with my father-in-law laptop. I will simply explain what happend

My father-in-law left his laptop turned on, on a night table, with charger on, on laptop there was no games or resource taking softwares, after his come back laptop was completely blank, fans off, not reacting to power button.

As he sent me the laptop I tried:
-unplugging battery, holding power button for a while and trying to turn it again
-I’ve check the power cord and charger is working fine
-completely reassembled device, found out that thermal paste was all over gpu, not only the silver plate but on circuit too, cleaned It with 99% alcohol and microfiber

To mention laptop was sent to some places to recover from water damage ( like 3 years ago or so), after completely disassembly found a lot of stains that weren’t cleaned as they should be

-tried to find any decolor from short circuit, didnt found

However, after cleaning rest stains and the thermal paste, after plugging to the charger, is able to hear “clicking” sounds, checked if there is power from charger and battery, there is but laptop does not respond to anything

No LED’s of charging, no single fan spin, nothing

There is only clicking sound

Is there any way to check if motherboard is dead, or maybe there is something I will be able to replace as I own precise soldering iron and heater

Thanks for any reply’s in advance!

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