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The Time Capsule Model A1302 is the second generation of Apple's wireless router and networked storage device released in March 2009. Most information from these repair and disassembly guides also applies to the original Model A1254.

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Time Machine internal drive replacement using SSD instead of HDD?

Hello Everybody.

My A1302 Model internal Hard Drive is soon going to RIP (keep getting constant errors that the Disk Image can't be created / Is damaged ) so a drive replacement is imminent.

My question is, would it be wise to replace the internal drive with an SSD ? Or should I stick with a standard HDD ?

The old drive is a 1TB and i'm going to use a 1TB drive as a replacement.

Thanks is advance for your help.



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How it ended? Have you noticed increasing speed? Or some different experience?


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It depends! It you are using the drive for backups then stick with a HDD as it’s cheaper when getting into the larger sizes. If you are using the drive to augment your data storage with direct access then you might go with a SSD. Even still the Time Capsules I/O speed is not very fast so you may want to get a better external drive.

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Hy Dan & thanks for your answer.

Seen that there's no price difference nowadays in France between an 1TB HDD and SSD I think I'll go for the SSD.

Less power consumption, less noise and as stated in a few articles here

How do I Upgrade the new AirPort A1470 to SSD?

, write speeds over ethernet are a lot faster.

This here looks like a good replacement Crucial CT1000BX500SSD1 but any suggestions are welcome.



A quick thought … if i put an SSD inside, is there a specific place a have to stick the temperature sensor back on ?


I was thinking 4 to 8 TB for the drive as often people need deeper storage. But a one TB drive also works!

It’s not the Ethernet speed that holds you back the SATA controller logic Apple used won’t deliver what the current generation of SSD’s can offer.

Place the sensor near the drives connector as that’s where the micro-controller is,


@danj Thanks for your insight on the subject.




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