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Need Resistor Value for Dualshock 4

I accidentally broke this resistor while soldering new Joysticks on another controller and I was wondering if someone knows what value it has or what i should search for to buy a replacemnt. (Tbh I do not even know if this is a resistor, or what kind of component this is, so if you could tell me I would be very thankful)

Thank you for your help!

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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That's a capacitor. Obviously you don't have a multimeter. If you have a pal with one get them to measure it and order a replacement online, ebay etc.

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Thanks a lot. I tried to measure it with a multimeter, but I was not able to get a reading, I might have done something wrong, or maybe my multimeter is just not fine enough. If you or anyone else could find the value before me, I would be very thankful. If you can not I will anyways try to use one of my universities multimeters, they might be better than mine.

Thank you again tho!


@xtreefull Just a question: You did have the multimeter in the capacitor measurement mode, and the probes in the right two jacks? Most semi-decent and up multimeters should be able to measure at least in the lower hundreds of pico farads. Your best hope is an LCR meter in capacitor mode. My LCR meter measures stuff even my Fluke won’t do!



just to add to what @geirandersen has said, you can also get capacitance metres for a fairly low price, also you could use a donor board if getting hold of a multi metre is a trouble:-)


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