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How can I bypass the locked to owner

My Iphone is locked to owner and the previous owner is not available, is there a way to bypass it?

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My iPhone 11 pro is lock by the owner and I don't know the owner because it's a second hand iPhone, how can you help me please?


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Sorry but this isn’t really possible unless you do some stuff under the radar that doesn’t even fully unlock it

Your best bet is probably to contact the company or person that you bought it from any see about getting your money back as trying to unlock something from iCloud is not fun and rarely works

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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short answer is no.

the icloud-to-phone association lives on Apple's servers and the only way to break it is to to remove it with the icloud account name and password either on the phone, or

doing any of the erase/reset functions will not remove it.

itunes or 3utools will not remove it.

you may see software solutions or services that say they can remove it, but they mostly involve jailbreaking the phone and doing a "workaround", but any time you power-cycle the phone, perform any sort of reset or update IOS, you will have to apply the workaround again. i have no idea how effective they are, but i don't do jailbreaks, so i wouldn't consider nay of these, plus most of them require a subscription.

anyone offering a service to remove it is probably a scam.

that said, depending on the model and configuration, icloud locked phones sell on ebay all the time.

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You may be able to fully reset the phone which might remove the lock.

I use the 3U Tools program which can put your phone in either the reset mode or completely wipe it.

Hope this helps.

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doing an anti-recovery flash with 3uTools will update IOS, reset all settings, clear any passcode and return the phone to OOTB condition, but it WILL NOT remove the icloud account.


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