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The model guitar that we are using is a "Starcaster by Fender". It is an affordable guitar that is commonly sold in big box stores. The body style is based off of the "Fender Stratocaster", and is not the same as the similarly named "Fender Starcaster" semi-hollowbody.

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How to replace snapped far e string

About 1 month ago, I was playing guitar and I bent the e string too far and it snapped. I was asking how I could do it myself and get a guide to do it myself. If anyone has a guide that they can lend that would be good.

The closest guitar I could get was a Fender stratocaster but the guitar is a westfield guitar.

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To restring most guitars you will need to slacken off the strings by turning the pegs ant the top for each string

Once you have the string slackens you will need to have a look for the little peg/catches at the bottom that help hold the string in and pull it out so that you can replace the string

this can vary from guitar to guitar so here's a video that is hopefully some help

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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