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The entry-level version of the Inspiron 15 7000 gaming notebook from June 2017 lacks the higher-end hardware complement of its pricier siblings. The battery life puts many other laptops—gaming or not—to shame.

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I installed a m.2 ssd then partitioned and initialized. What's next?

New volume (e): I'm being told to "chose what to do with removable drives. I have watched so many how to videos and tried so many things to get to this point that I'm completely lost on if more steps are needed for ssd to work properly with windows. Please help!

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Hi @bbybilles1999

Have you formatted the new partition you never mentioned it?

Type control panel in the search box on the Taskbar and click on the Administrative Tools option under the Control Panel options that appear.

When the new window opens go to Computer Management > Disk Management > right-click on the E: drive entry and select Format.  Select the File System (usually NTFS) in the dialog that appears and enter the Allocation Unit Size (usually 4096) and check Perform a quick format > OK

You should be good to go.

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