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Also known as a multitester, or a VOM (Volt-Ohm meter), a multimeter is an electronic measuring instrument used to measure voltage, current, and resistance. Includes handheld and tabletop testing devices.

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My multimeter won't turn on after high voltage spike

I was measuring the voltage of a small fly swatter racket so I could modify it and make a lantern bug zapper thing, so I barely tapped the button to attempt to produce a smaller voltage, and I expected it to be around 280 to 400v, but my meter just shut off and now it won't turn back on. It is a barn star DT9205A from Tractor supply with a CAT ll 600v rating on the bottom left. Note it looks NOTHING like the picture I selected. It is a big 10 inch long meter with resistance test, ac and DC voltage up to 600v, capacitance test up to 200 μF, and an ac and DC current test up to 10A. Please help soon as this is my only multimeter!

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Hi @anchefixes,

Looking at this link electric fly swats can generate between 500-3000V so presumably your fly swat is in the range above the rated range of the DMM.

The meter can measure up to 1000V DC and up to 750V AC so if it were more than the expected 280-400V but less than the rated range it shouldn't have been affected. Even if the meter was set on 200V DC scale it should have registered a "1" indicating out of range as it has over voltage protection built in as long as the expected voltage was within the rated range of the DMM.

If the fly swat voltage is below 1000V DC, hopefully the meter was set on DC volts (or even AC volts if it were <750V). Any other measurement type setting i.e amps, resistance etc would have damaged it.

The 600V Cat II rating is used to protect the user more than the device itself.

Here's the schematic for the meter which may help. I don't know what it shows as I don't have a program that can open .axd file types.

Also even if you fix it, given that new components would have been installed, you may need to either find a service manual or a certified testing instrument calibration service to make sure that the meter is still calibrated correctly to give accurate measurements.

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First thing I would do is check the fuse. Most multimeters have a fuse to protect the electronics that will blow when subjected to power outside it's rate specs. Other than that, your best bet it is to open up the multimeter and take a look. It sounds like whatever amount of energy the bug zapper racquet output did something the multimeter didn’t agree with.

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I think it's fried. The blob chip is getting very hot


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