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Repair documentation for the initial Sony PlayStation 5 DualSense controller. Model number: CFI-ZCT1W FCC ID: AK8CFIZCT1

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What would cause a bumper button to not work

I have a PS5 Dualsense remote with a suddenly non-functioning R1 button.

  • No physical damage to the remote from dropping/excessive force has been exerted
  • No water damage
  • The black plastic part of the button is in the correct position. Removing to access the silicone part of the bumper button and pressing with a pry tool/screw driver does not work
  • R2, L1 and L2, as well as all other functionality is perfect
  • The remote is a v1 remote

I've tried disassembling the remote and investigating, nothing out of the ordinary to report and I'm at wits end. Any guidance would be appreciated.

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Ended up being a microtear in the ribbon cable through some of the middle connections, which obviously affects the R1 button in particular.

Easy enough to replace, but I can imagine that with the design of the right ribbon cable being more exposed it could potentially lead to more issues over the left one

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