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Line of business laptops originally sold by IBM and then purchased by Lenovo in 2005. Older models (Pre-XX50) have a WiFi whitelist, so wireless card replacement is not as easy as buying a bulk generic card online.

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Lenovo T490s battery issue

I recently started using a T490s that has sat unused since new a couple years ago. The machine was reporting the battery as no good. I purchased a new battery from ifixit and replaced it. The battery is being reported as good by the laptop, but will not work without the power supply attached. It will turn off as soon as you disconnect. It is not responsive when you try and turn it on with out the adapter plugged in. Any ideas?

I chose the X390x as a device since the T490s wasn't listed and their from the same generation in a different form factor .



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Does it do the same thing with the original battery put back in?

If it does that would suggest that some form of damage has occurred during installing the new battery



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If your battery's operating time is still short, use a new battery pack. Problem: The computer does not operate with a fully charged battery pack. Solution: The surge protector in the battery pack might be active. Turn off the computer for one minute to reset the protector; then turn on the computer again.



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