A1466 missing PM_RSMRST_L


i am beginner and i think i am close to find the root cause but need support please:


charger led green then amber OK

missing PM_RSMRST_L

when short R8133 PCH fan spin ON and computer turn ON

measuring U8130 voltage:

PP3V3_S5 - 2,72v

PP3V3_SUS - 2,72v

SUS_PGOOD_CT - 1,07v


PM_RSMRST_L - 0,003v

check also:

PM_DSW_PWRGD - 3.40v measured on R1451 Pin 1
PCH_DSWVRMEN - 2.64v measured on R1450 Pin 2
PM_BATLOW_L - 2,72v measured on R1410 Pin 2
SMC_ADAPTER_EN - 3.32v measured on R5185 Pin1

is my problem coming from PP3V3_S5 and PP3V3_SUS which are not 3.3v ? if yes what could be the root cause ?



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