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Use of silicon sealer for iPhones

Instead of the sealer that's supplied with a replacement battery or screen, has anyone used electronic silicon sealer to reseal the screen to the case because one slips up and ruins the replacement seal?

Seems to me that using a small syringe, something similar to the size used for insulin injections would work. Like bathroom caulking, but on a much smaller scale.


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Having used a lot of various silicone sealants over the years, I'm hard pressed to think of a reason this wouldn't work just fine.

The screen retention is aided by the adhesive, but the primary thing holding the screen on is the retaining clips and the Pentalobe screws, not the adhesive. Assuming you don't go crazy and fill the phone with adhesive, I would think the judicious application of silicone sealant should seal the phone pretty well. Silicone has the advantage of being fairly easy to remove, and should fill itself into any gaps to waterproof the phone.

The only thing I can think of that could possibly be an issue would be adherence to some of the plastics around the edge of the frame; no idea how well it will stick to that. You could always put on a little test blob and see how it works before going all in on it. However, even if it doesn't stick very well, it should still provide a significant amount of sealing for the phone.

I'm also imagining that it shouldn't really be any worse to remove than the original adhesive should you have to open the phone up again.

I say go for it and let us know how it works! We might end up having a new tool in our arsenal!

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You can try but your screen might eventually fall out. The phone uses adhesive to seal the screen and not sealant. If you failed with the first adhesive try a mobile phone shop and see if they have a spare adhesive you could buy. If not you can buy them online.

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Thanks to all that answered my question. In the next few days, I'm going to see what size syringe will work with some silicon sealer that I have on hand, as the syringes I currently have to apply small drops of oil and liquids are too small.

I've also contacted a sealer manufacturer to obtain some of their electronic grade non corrosive silicon sealer, so we'll see how that goes as well.

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any luck with silicon?


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