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Desolder and replace relay’s


I am about to replace some relay’s on the PCB for a jacuzzi. The legs on the relay are a bit too far between to be able to melt the solder, equally on all pins, to remove the relay.

Any tip so I can melt the solder on all pins at the same time and remove the relay? I need to be sure not to overheat the PCB or other component’s.

See attached.



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From my experience your best 2 options are to do the following

1) use low melt solder (chip quick) to lower the melting point to the point where it will take 20-30seconds for the solder to set again


2) use a hot air rework station to heat them all up at once ,the hot air is really good at desoldering all sorts of things but can melt plastic very easily so if you use this method to desolder something do it from the other side of the board to avoid meting the plastic and use kapton tape to shield and other sensitive things (eg more plastic or capacitors)

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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Buy some solder wick and use that to draw solder out of the holes.

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