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Repair and troubleshooting info for the Lenovo ThinkPad X390 Yoga.

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How to removed Device Guard

I need reinstall my windows,but the device guard is active.Please how to removed ?

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Evening from Australia,

I need a few things to help answer your question better:

  • What CPU does your computer have
  • Tell me more about what is happening as many people do not know what device guard is. I use a thinkpad and didn't even know till i googled it
  • Do you have a backup of your files?

If it's what i think it is like (A bitlocker style protection) you are SOL unless you change out your SSD.

If it's a type of kernel encryption (Like filevault on mac which encrypts the entire machine) SOL mate the board has to be changed.

If it's a windows thing you might be able to get away with a reinstall.

From a quick google, it would appear that maybe something else is active. Have a poke around the BIOS and play with some buttons (Not to the point you brick the computer)

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