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A touchscreen tablet released September 2015 by Samsung for AT&T, identified by model number SM-T817A.

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Where Do I get Adhesive Strips for a Samsung Galaxy Tab?

My wife as a Samsung tablet. The model info on it is "SM-T817V." When I search, that comes up as a Tab S2 9.7. As shown in the photo, the screen and frame are separating from one side.

Where can I get an appropriate set of adhesive strips for this model so I can reattach it for her? I know I can use several possible tutorials for removing the frame and screen then just clean the adhesive and put on new strips and reattach, but when I look in the tutorials, I don't see anything about new adhesive.

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Hi Hal,

Well, I didn't have any better luck than you in locating custom adhesives for your tablet's screen; the closest I came was a company in The Netherlands selling adhesives that fit models SM-T810 & SM-T815. No idea if it would work for yours or not.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 (SM-T810, SM-T815) Adhesive sticker of LCD

If you absolutely can't find anything that will work, you may have to make your own. iFixit sells rolls of adhesive that will work; you just have to cut and fit it yourself.

Tesa 61395 Tape - iFixit Store

However, at the moment I'm a little more concerned with the reason your wife's screen is separating. To me, it looks like it's bulging in the middle, which is usually a pretty good indicator that the battery is swelling and pushing the screen out. A swollen battery is something you will want to take care of right away, as it can be dangerous - the battery can literally catch on fire. Here's an iFixit Wiki page on swollen batteries that you might want to take a look at.

What to do with a swollen battery - iFixit

Fortunately, replacement batteries aren't terribly expensive and you can even get them right here on iFixit!

Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 Battery - iFixit Store

And of course you'll want a guide to replacing it, which will cover taking the screen off so you can replace the adhesive as well.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 AT&T Battery Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide

Well, that's about all I can do for you; maybe one of our other contributors can do a better job of locating some screen adhesive for you.

Best of luck with your repair; get that puppy opened up so you can check the battery right away, though!

Imagem de Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 Battery


Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 Battery


Imagem de Tesa 61395 Tape


Tesa 61395 Tape


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She says she can press the screen back down and it stays down for a while, but doesn't stick long term. Are swollen batteries "hard" in the swell, or is it possible to push it back down?


The swelling is due to gas, so yes, they have a pillowy softness to them when they're swollen, so what she's seeing is consistent with a swollen battery. Unfortunately, the only way to be sure is to physically examine the battery, which means opening it up.

In addition, since displays don't ever deform on their own, there's only one thing inside the tablet that can push the screen out, and that's the battery.


Just wanted to let you know what was going on and how it turned out. I checked on the tablet today when I was in my wife's office and could see that the screen was not bulging out on its own. She said there's no need to spend money to keep the tablet working, so treat it as disposable. I pried off the screen and the battery is swollen. It's currently outside where, if it starts to burn, it'll leave a mark on pavement, but that's about it. I'll take it in to the proper place to dispose of it.


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