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Will not let me download OS X after clearing hard drive

Hi, I have been given an older MacBook Pro and I have cleared the hard drive using Disk Utility and Erased Macintosh HD.

Now the problem is if I now try to “Reinstall OS X” it comes up with OS X El Capitan, I click on this and it prompts that “your computer eligibility will be verified by Apple” I click Continue and then get “an Error occurred while preparing the installation try running this application again” message.

I have tried restarting this and using an Ethernet lead instead of Wi-Fi but I cannot get it to do anything apart from this.

Any help would be amazing please.

Thanks, Jake

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I don’t have a Mac but have you tried a different install or version of MacOS?


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The installer maybe damaged,have you tried the following

Trying a different installer

Booting into internet recovery (on start up hold cmd + option + R)

Booting into recovery(on start up hold cmd + R )

I would try these options as one of them usually works for me when I have issues with a macOS install

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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Yes, you can encounter this issue! The problem is Apple uses a certificate to protect the integrity of the Installers file. Here's bit more If you've got an old macOS install image, it will probably stop working today This is also an issue with Apples own recovery files!

As it turns out enough people complained Apple posted an updated collection of the installers How to get old versions of macOS Then follow this guide to setup a bootable OS thumb drive!

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