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Eighth generation of iPad, released September 18, 2020, available in 32 or 128 GB models. Model Number A2270.

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An unusual case of non-functionality

Please help! I have asked before and tried a few different things.

I have an iPad 8th gen. I replaced the screen and the home button failed. Whilst I couldn’t see any damage to the cable I half expected the issue.

2 days after, the iPad starting ghost touching. It disabled itself and would do crazy stuff. I assumed a simple solution of covering the surrounding on the interior of the screen. This had no affect so I ordered a new screen. It still never worked!

I looked a bit further into it and discovered the iPad does this even with no digitiser connected. This was strange!?

I somehow managed to get it to work by turning it on, then connecting the digitiser and finally the LCD. However, it suddenly stopped working again. I have tried doing the same thing but it will not work. Any suggestions?

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Also, the #1 most aggravating thing about this… is that it is my personal iPad. I have repaired many before all being relatively problem free. My own one… a different story 😩


@Frankie Vaughan Have you tried replacing the battery?


I haven’t yet. Is it likely this will help? There are no signs of damage to the battery and it powers on/ holds a charge fairly well


did u say that u had the ipad on and u connected the screen


if u connected the screen with a bettery connected u may fryed ur ipad


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On many of the newer generation iPads, it's actually normal for the display to wig out without the digitizer connected. I have experienced this myself in an iPad 7. I nicked part of the cabling for the digitizer, getting it out so I initially thought the digitizer was bad (it was) but was very confused when it did it without the digitizer connected at all. Come to find out iPads just do that.

More than likely your replacement digitizer is faulty.

I am curious about the home button issue, but I will have to read this in the morning when I'm not half asleep for that one. Poking though the answers forums here is FAR better for my mental health than doom scrolling Facebook before bed. But it sometimes means I'm sleepily answering things and brain no worky good.

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Thanks for the advice. However, this is the 3rd different digitiser I have used from different suppliers. I can here a buzzing, static light from the top of the iPad


@Frankie Vaughan If you have tried more than one digitizer and still experience the same issue, I would be more likely to think this issue is on the board. I know that issues can arise from connecting screens when the battery is connected. I might take this shield off the components on the board (chould just unclip, no soldering necessary) and just check to see if anything looks burned, discolored, etc. Especially around the two touch chip(s). Not sure if the iPad 8 has 1 or two, but they are located in the same place in the iPad 7, which you can see on this picture of the board highlighted in yellow. (

I am also, unsure about the noise you mention. Can you isolate where the hissing/static is specifically coming from?


@flannelist will have a look now, thanks!


Sounds like the battery connector, however the battery charges and holds a charge fir a long while. Even when tapping away by itself


Not sure about why the battery connector would be making any noises? But I'm wondering if the connectors for the digitizer are just damaged from all the repeat connects/disconnects. Or if there are just some pins that need to be bent into better shape. Some pictures would help if that's possible. Just edit them into your original question.


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I've replaced a digitiser on an ipad 7, and it had ghost input even after replacement. I read somewhere online that the battery connector sometimes has to be disconnected for a bit after replacing the digitiser, and this worked in my case.

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