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The Kyocera Oystr is a basic flip phone by Kyocera released on May 5th, 2006.

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Where is info about the quality of cell phone replacement batteries

I want to buy a replacement battery for a Kyocera Cadence flip phone. Ifixit doesn't sell them. On Newegg I see the following brand names: Hantolk, BOANV, Beltron, as well as unbranded batteries. Is there any way to research the quality of these different batteries? Battery model # SCP-70LBPS. The phone shown above is not my phone, I had to choose something to get through this algorithm

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With so many cellphones and replacement batteries all over the world, my guess is studies aren't worthwhile in comparing batteries. We assume risks on batteries based on name brand, aftermarket and warranty in deciding which to choose.

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