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15" Laptop manufactured by HP in their 'HP Notebook' family of laptops. Product number W2M75UA

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IM HAVING A PROBLEMM WEEELP! My screen laptops corner popped Off!

HELLO! Today i checked my laptop and saw smth really bad :(( my screeens corner popped Off for no reason ... i had this laptop for like 3 years and aint the best ngl but still... is it fixable at home??? Or i neeed to go at a specialist and around how much it will be? It will mean a lot if someone will respond ( i am scared to OPEN the laptop cuz i think i will make it worse)

Block Image

Update (08/10/2022)

Block Image

Block Image

more pics if needed ( will take it to a specialist cuz i dont wanna do something bad again

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Try popping the bezel back on.


I can't tell much by those pics. One is too blurred, the other looks like a hole was punched into the case, but where.


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Yes it is definitely fixable. Take your time. Read everything at least 5 times. Take frequent relaxing breaths. Don't hesitate to ask us any questions.

You can do it!

Your photos are too close to the subject to know for certain which part is broken.

Here is HP's service and parts manual:

Download the pdf manualand look on page 36 for the base or 38 for screen bezel part numbers.

Display assembly subcomponents
Item Component Spare part number
(1) Display bezel (includes Mylar screw covers) 855000-001

Look in the service manual on page 79 for removing the bezel


(20) Bottom cover

For use in HP Notebook PC and HP 250/256 G5 Notebook PC models:

Item Component Spare part number
● Models with an optical drive (gray) 859513-001
● Models without an optical drive (gray) 859514-001
● Models with an optical drive (black) 906832-001
● Models without an optical drive (black) 906833-001

Here is the link to IFIXIT's guide for removing the bottom cover:

HP Notebook 15-ay011nr Bottom Cover Replacement

or page 52 in the service manual.

Then look for HP parts supliers on the web asking for the correct part number.

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That bezel appears to be part of the base, not the screen. Those bezels are held by screws and plastic hooks on the mating parts.

For it to come up like that, there must be screws missing and it is possibly broken. Least effort is to open it and push it back down and check for missing screws. You might get lucky, or it might break off entirely. Finding a replacement part would be the hard part if you are not successful.

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Its just yesterday it got hit by the door / i was with the laptop in my hands and it hitted the door i dont know the parts of the laptop but there are 2 things and ill show more pics couse Maybe ill get lucky ( when the laptop hit the door there are no screws)


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