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The March 2015 update of Apple's 13" MacBook Air features fifth generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors, resulting in slightly increased performance and battery life.

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Mac Air SSD replacement Cable for Cloning, Cheap alternative

I have a 2015 13 inch Macbook Air ( A 1466; 7,2,). I purchased a new "Aura" SSD from OWC (nvme – pcie 3.1 x4...I think) to replace the existing drive. I was planning to clone the drive. I did not purchase the OWC envoy (just the drive) that is used for this purpose, thinking the envoy was too expensive for something I would use once. Now, I'm realizing the configuration of the SSDs (new and old) are nonstandard, and I'm having a !&&* of a time finding a replacement envoy. Does anyone know of a cheaper alternative to OWC? Is it possible to just use some kind of adapter that could plug into a standard 2.5 SATA cable?



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Sorry ;-{ It's not that simple! Just like talking to someone who speaks a different language it's often not possible to figure it out. Which is why a PCIe/NVMe drive can't connect to a SATA connection. What confuses people is there are a few form factors of SATA drives mSATA and PCIe/AHCI M2 drives. Here's a diagram to help visualize

Block Image

But none of this matters as Apple did there own thing! and your blade SSD drive uses PCIe/NVMe

So how to get the data off your original drive?

The easiest way is to put it back in and using an external drive (of equal of larger size) use TimeMachine to backup the drive and then swap out the drives again and use Migration Assistant to restore your stuff to the new drive.

A variation of this is to connect your system with the original drive to a second Mac using Thunderbolt cable and setting one of the systems into Target Disk Mode. Here's the details Understanding the Applications for Target Disk Mode

While its not pleasant to the pocketbook, the OWC case is really the only choice here. Most people turn around and sell it on eBay or other marketplace. Maybe you should check those sites to see if someone is selling theirs.

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Thanks for that. I was starting to guess this wasn't going to be simple, and you confirmed it.

I haven't yet installed the new drive. But I think I will go ahead and pop it in and load the OS from the firmware. I was hoping to clone primarily because I was hoping to keep the pre-subscription version of Word on the computer (as both my pocket book and my ethics detest rents). But since a subscription is about the same cost as the enclosure, I guess I'll just break down and do the former.

Thanks again,



@nathangilles - Using TimeMachine for a full backup allows you to restore all of your apps and stuff back. Using the OWC case or a second Mac would allow you to use Migration Assistant which is the only way you can get a workable copy.

Cloning is old school! (very old school) I haven't used it on a booting drive for over 15 years now! Besides, it won't work with APFS volumes.

FYI - I'm still using the older version of MS Word on my system to!


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