Sharp LC-55Q7430U Software Issue?

I currently own a Sharp LC-55Q7530U TV and I’m having an issue that everyone keeps telling me is a broken backlight but it’s not. I can see it completely backlit but black and it only happens when I press the menu button on the remote or try to do anything on the Home Screen. And I know that’s it’s not the backlight out because when I hold the power button on the remote the grey menu of “Power off/Restart” appears in full view. I think I’m having some kind of software issue and I would love to factory reset but when I’m on the Home Screen and press on device preferences nothing happens and then the screen goes backlit black again and other than bringing up the “Power off/Restart” menu I don’t have control over anything. If I power off or restart the screen simply stays black but the light indicator says the TV is on. If I’m on a different HDMI input I can still hear audio. When it goes black like this the only thing I can do is unplug it, plug it back in and turn it on. (Usually takes 2-5 tries before the screen come back and stays on. Other times the picture will appear for a few seconds and then go black again.) If an HDMI input is on it will bring me there automatically however if there’s nothing on and brings me to the Home Screen it won’t last long there before going backlit black. I called Hisense and Sharp support, followed all their instructions on soft restring trying other outlets and HDMI chords and they just said I need to get a technician but I know for a fact it’s not a hardware issue because these issues ONLY occur when trying to use the menus. This is getting so horrible and I don’t know what I can do. I have managed to get the Home Screen menu to pop up but it keeps turning on and shutting off and in the few moments I have gotten it to stay up for an extended period of time I have attempted to open settings and go to device preferences to try and factory reset the TV. However when on the settings menu only a few options actually work when clicked on. Most of them, Device Preferences included do not. I seriously need help because this is 100% a software issue and I have no clue what to do.

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