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Eighth generation of iPad, released September 18, 2020, available in 32 or 128 GB models. Model Numbers A2428, A2429, and A2430.

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iPad 8th gen LTE flaky

iPad works good on wi-fi. On LTE it’s iffy. Sometimes it works, sometimes it works slow and sometimes not at all. I have AT&T as a provider with my iPad and my cell phone (iPhone 12 mini) on the same plan. The iPhone works great and when the iPad doesn’t work I hotspot off my phone and everything is ok til I run out of hotspot data. So I don’t think it’s a carrier problem, it’s more of a receiver problem. What do you think?

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Can't think of anything unless you give more details.
What's the history of this iPad? What accessory have you been using with it? For example a case? What if you swap the sim cards over?

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