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The second generation Optima, known as the Kia Magentis globally except the United States and Malaysia, and as the Kia Lotze in South Korea, was launched in South Korea in November 2005.

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Replacing ABS module. Can old ESC be reused?

I have a 2007 Kia optima and my ABS module is leaking break fluid. My car has ESC. I'm having a hard time finding the part. I've been able to find a few ABS modules without ESC. Can the ESC be reused from my old ABS module or do I need the complete module?

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My understanding of abs with traction and electronic stability control is that electronics use each wheel speed sensor to limit wheel spin on slippery surfaces, eliminate brake lockup while braking on less than glass smooth roads and provide programmed stability control to prevent rollovers in extreme maneuvering situations. In addition to wheel speed sensors, other sensors detect vehicle rotation in a spin (yaw) and if a vehicle lifts off as in rolling over. Programming takes control of braking to assist in vehicle recovery. Extreme braking or hard acceleration on uneven surfaces is detected by the abs unit. Replacing it may require advanced knowledge of abs repairs outside skills of average diyers without familiarity of abs operation. Designed to be maintenance free, dealers and brake repair specialists may be the most experienced capable of abs repairs using service manuals for guidance. Best case scenario would be 100% successful repairs. Worse case scenario is the abs unit automatically disabling itself upon initial ignition turn on when all electronic modules (ecm/bcm, tcm, abs, airbag, etc) perform their own individual power up self tests. Any module failing its own self tests are programmed to disable itself and turn on an indicator. Abs uses its own indicator as a tell tale. The abs light turns on as the abs unit performs its power on self tests and if it passes, turns off its light and stands by for activation when hard acceleration may induce wheel spin or braking locks up a wheel - both prevented with abs actively preventing them from occurring. When braking or hard acceleration requires abs activation, the abs light turns on or flashes. If it turns on and remains on, abs failed and should not interfere with hard acceleration (spinning a wheel) or locking up brakes when braking.

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