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Why does my r2 trigger keeps spamming itself

i have had this ps4 controller for around 2 yrs

and recently the r2 trigger keeps spamming itself

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have u cleaned it yet?


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Hi @divyabonkey,

Sounds like your controller might need a bit of a cleaning, after carefully opening it.
Canned air and >99% isopropyl alcohol, along with some q-tips and a little time.

Hopefully it'll be alright with a good cleaning, or the switch inside could have decided to take a dirt nap.

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Where do i clean it? Should i open the controller and clean the whole r2 button?


Lil Prefires, Yes, you’ll have to open the controller up and clean the mechanism and button connected to R2


Alright thank you


@geirandersen should i clean the silicone wafer or the conductive film?


Lil Prefires, The best thing, is to carefully clean all the contacts, surfaces and points. Controllers tend to collect dirt and grime, because of the handling.


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does the springy part work still for the trigger work?

like when you press the trigger does it come back to normal position?

if yes the button switch inside on the actual PCB may need to be cleaned and or replaced. hopefully its not the latter. there are plenty of tear down guides for the DS4!

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