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The 2005 version of Volkswagen Beetle is the upgraded version of the 1998 edition, which obviously came with a large number of improvements and advanced features.

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My trunk is stuck on closed

My 2006 convertible VW beetle’s trunk is stuck closed. I can hear the trunk attempt to open followed by whirring after. The red emergency plug has fallen out before I closed it and the emergency latch won’t open it.

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hello , try this - fold down your rear seats, remove rear shelf, try to reach the boot handle and remove two screws holding it. then try to remove the whole panel by prying it off of the edges, be careful not to break the plastic clips holding it, then once thats off, reach and undo the latch with a hand , there is a manual release in there, then try to troubleshoot and repair with boot open, - with the latch locked whilst the "doors" are up, . good luck,

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I have a 1999 Beetle and have done this exact thing when my trunk lock malfunctioned. I realize they changed a lot of things on the 2006 and later models and the fact that it's a convertible may factor in, but hopefully what Martin has described will still work.


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