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7th Gen Amazon Fire HD Tablet was released June 2017. It has since been discontinued and replaced by the current Fire iteration.

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Device not charging after 1%

I plug in my device using several chargers to test if it's the charger is the problem but it won't work. After I plug it in the battery sign show that it's charging and after it turns on at one percent its not charging when it's on and I can't stop it from turning on automatically

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Please answer


sounds like u have to take the battery out and put it back it sometimes tablets do this do to their poor design


or could be the cord is malfunction that happens to do to another poor design


The battery cannot be removed


how does it work if there's no way to remove the battery that means there's no way to put it in either? your logic man


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If it charges in the beginning and you do not move it then there is no reason to think that it is a bad cable or connector.

The most likely issue is a spent battery. See if you can find a battery test app and run that to see what the health of the battery is.

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Ok thak you very much


how about a rating if it helped?


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