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Repair guides and support for the 24" iMac with M1 chip, introduced in April 2021. Identified by model A2438.

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Is It Possible to connect External Video Card? And which one? Thank yo

I have iMac M1 24" with 16GB Ram and 1Tb SSD, is it possible to connect external Video Card? I saw is was possible with intel iMac, but what about M1? Please advise.

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While you can connect via USB-C an external GPU unit (eGPU) in the Intel systems, I'm not sure if you can with the M1 or M2 systems. There is also the issue of which display you are driving. Driving your internal display steals away needed bandwidth for the eGPU, instead you'll want to connect an external display.

Reference: Use an external graphics processor with your Mac

I do wonder if an eGPU is that useful with the 24" iMac, part of the issue is within the M1 SoC as its has some limitations with its TB ports. You'll need to speak with the different vendors listed in the guide I posted above.

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There is no list of compatible GPUs, but it is possible. These Macs have Thunderbolt 3 connections, which you can plug an eGPU into.

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